Journal of Al-Qasim Green University

JQGU journal publishes two types of articles, which are regular research papers, and reviews. Authors need to describe the significance of work in their abstract. Introduction, methods, results and discussion sections should be precise.
We encourage authors to avoid speculations and focus on their scientific data to describe in results and conclusions sections.

The only accepted language is English. Papers written in other languages will be rejected immediately, ISSN 2016-2147

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Aims and Scopes of JQGU

The recently being established Journal of Al-Qasim Green University (JQGU) focuses on all aspects of green biotechnological researches. The main objective of JQGU is to provide an intellectual platform for national and international scholars to publish their research work in a modernized style. It offers readers an opportunity to tap into the future of green improvement and production.

The Journal reports advanced research results in plant, animal and soil sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food science. It is essential reading for anyone needing to keep abreast of current findings in recent green sciences.